Magazine Feature

Another day, another magazine cameo - this time we even got a special mention! Thanks Mei Lian, Nic Mason and David Carter for the shout-out - featured in the January/February edition of Elle Decoration Dubai and Lebanon.
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Featured Work

We love seeing our work in their new homes, especially when that home is as fabulous as this one! Can you spot our Space Invaders and the Etonnement Noir dressing table? Mei Lian's splendid interior by David Carter was featured in this month's Architectural Digest, Italy.

Photos by Davide Lovatti.

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Hullo again! Its been a whilst since I last updated you on my ventures. We're currently in the process of a re-brand and expansion, as you will now have not just one but two designer-makers beavering away on any commissions. John and I hope to be with you with our new site soon, but in the meantime enjoy the updated portfolio gallery and feel free to drop us a line with any queries.

We also have a facebook page:

Please excuse the confusion whilst we work out the kinks in our branding!

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July 2013

Cube bedside cabinets completed (check out photos under the album "Storage Solutions").
Updated journal post available at:

I've been collaborating with the talented John Nicolson ( on space invader wall cabinets. For anyone growing up in the 80s, this will be a fun blast from the past and should bring back some happy childhood memories of a mis-spent youth. They come in peace and are super cute (useful besides!). More photos under the album "Accessories".